Kelso 2010 Championship Show

                                                   Held at Springwood Park, Kelso on Saturday 7th August 2010

                                           Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show & Best Puppy in Show

BITCH CC & BEST IN SHOW - Gurney's Monalou Little Miss Swiss
BEST VETERAN, DOG CC & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Scobie's Monalou First Class Mail
RESERVE DOG CC - Griffiths & Orme's Jaybiem In Lieu
RESERVE BITCH CC - Granger's Bernfold Back To Ziggy at Shadybower
BEST PUPPY - Toms' Emberfay Moonglow

DOGS - Judge Anne Wells (Bernfold)

Firstly I’d like to say a big thank-you to Agnes, George and the Committee for inviting me to be a part of their super weekend also a big thanks to my stewards they had their work cut out making sure I completed all the paper work (the worst bit for me) and to Jean for all she did getting me to and from places (lovely car excellent driver and companion)
To summarise my judging day. I had a lot of novice people and dogs some had never been to ring craft before let alone a show but this wasn’t a problem as most were glad to be shown and they achieved enough in short time for me to be able to assess the dog fairly, so to those people please keep it up and go to ring craft if possible or just practice in the garden.
Overall I was very disappointed with movement fronts were very bad the chest should be broad with good depth of brisket in a lot of the dogs they haven’t got a chest no width at all between front legs back ends not so bad seemed to be getting a bit more strength from the rear still not great but better, heads have been a mixed bag for years but I did have some with that old fashioned look with the lovely kind eye, broad skull and correct stop and ear set giving that melting soft expression, tails on a lot of dogs are too short not reaching the hock that is the end of the tail bone not the longest white hair reaching the hock. Having said all that I very much enjoyed my day but in some classes it was a challenge but the top winners were super many thanks to you all.

VETERAN DOG (5 entered, 2 absent)
1st Scobie's Monalou First Class Mail. Dog CC Res B.I.S. This lad certainly is an ambassador for the breed at 9 and a half years old he can still move better than most plenty of drive from the rear and reach from the front, lovely head shape broad scull with correct ear set and stop, clear reach of neck leading to well laid shoulders level topline correct tailset and length, super bone straight front and good bend of stifle at the rear. It’s such a shame he didn’t take to showing sooner he would certainly be a champion many times over by now. It was a pleasure to award him his first CC.
2nd Baldwin's Fortonpark G'Day Bruce. Medium sized 7 year old very good body shape level topline enough bone for size very easy on the move not the head of 1 but overall a good sound dog.
3rd Hastings' Halesbern Jack Flash at Laightcairn. 11 years old and still having his moment in the show ring obviously at his own pace but enjoying the day.

1st Robinson's Elnside The Quest. . 8 mths I had to spend time on this lad it was the first time for handler and pup but he was worth it so please keep up the training he needs to grow in confidence, lovely body good angles front and rear super bone when settled he was the best mover in the class head I hope will broaden in time, good stop and correct eye shape and colour, Really promising pup if the work is put in BPD.
2nd Addison's Elnside The Dark Knight. Litter brother to1 same comments apply but a bit longer in body and not so positive on the move
3rd Gall's Sanmarwell A Tric In The Tail. 7 mths at that bum high stage good straight front needs to improve on the backend he has plenty of time.

1st Robinson's Elnside The Quest.
2nd Wakeland's Collansues Buildin Bridges at Bramikdel. At nearly a year old this boy has a large frame to fill and at the moment he is more leg than body he has good bone and good angles front and rear headpiece coming on good rich tan.
3rd Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Thats My Boy. 10 mths Good chunky pup level topline and tailset has a very wavy open coat, good strong catlike paws.
Res Toms' Emberfay My Boy.
VHC Scott's Welshbern Trafys of Scobern.

1st Dickson's Monalou Dutch Connexion. I like this lad he has a good head piece correct ear placement lovely kind eye good bite good front assembly level topline nice bone a very balanced dog all you could want in a dog at this age.
2nd Robinson's Elnside The Quest.
3rd Place's Monalou Fourex Sid. Tad long in middle section which showed more today as he came without much coat but a good young male just over 1 year old good headpiece good front level topline well off for bone would just like to see him more at ease in the ring I hope this comes in time.
Res Wakeland's Collansues Buildin Bridges at Bramikdel.

1st Hastings' Look At Me Torre D'Ovarda (Imp). 19 mths Too slight all through for me not enough body narrow head untidy in front, level bite, good topline and neat catlike paws, nice rich tan. Sound temperament.

1st Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Thats My Boy.
2nd Brewer's Pasturegreen Abracadabra. Another young dog and handler that needs a bit more practice to build that confidence good head and expression enough bone for size topline a bit high over rump movement when settled OK.
3rd McGarry's Findlays Forget Me Not. Very slight in body for 2yrs I would like more body weight nice dark eye but over done on stop good straight front stood but very erratic on the move.

1st Maunder's Elnside Man Of The Moment. 2 yrs this lad has a super head with a lovely dark eye and that soft expression good reach of neck a tad long in back good bend of stifle moved soundly once settled dog and handler need more practice together for both to gain confidence.
2nd Jefferson's Meadowpark Boys Own. Nice body on him good topline and tailset, would like more defined stop, movement OK but toes in slightly good bend of stifle.
3rd Brewer's Pasturegreen Abracadabra.

1st Horn's Judabern Mighty Morgan. Good head and expression correct eye colour and shape, nice front good bone a bit too proud of his tail but overall a well balanced lad still with more to come I’m sure.
2nd Maunder's Elnside Man Of The Moment.
3rd Wright's Meadowpark Sez I'm Hudson. Would like a more masculine head, good body shape but on the move close in front and throwing out right hock at rear.

1st Griffiths & Orme's Jaybiem In Lieu. Res CC. I have liked this dog from a puppy and he didn’t disappoint today beautifully turned out gleaming coat he can be a bit exuberant on the move which makes his front untidy but construction is very good front and back good reach of neck level topline lovely shaped head a bit loose in flews and would prefer a tighter eye but a very confident and promising chap.
2nd Butler's Vellbern I Haven't Done It. Apologies my machine did not record your critique.
3rd Dickson's Monalou Solomons Trust. Good head shape correct ear set and bite good reach of neck a tad long in back positive sound mover enough bone for size, look forward to seeing him when fully mature.
Res McPherson's Vellbern Best Man.
VHC King's Elnside Wishmaster.

MID LIMIT DOG (2, 1 withdrawn)
1st Wakeland's Jaybiem Cedar Trees at Bramikdel. Good balanced dog all in proportion but would prefer him bigger all through nice enough head shape would like a darker eye good bite and well constructed.

LIMIT DOG (8, 1)
1st Instone's Dale Gudbrands C-Geilo Zala at Staubach (Imp). I haven’t seen this chap for a long while and I was surprised how well he has matured still could do with a stronger back end but he had one of the best front movements very broad head almost too much good eye and bite correct tailset and carriage.
2nd Shepherd & Nuttall's Monalou And All That Jazz.. Different build to 1 a medium sized male would like more body weight on him he has a good head nice reach of neck firm topline good rear movement but narrow at front.
3rd Griffiths & Orme's Littlehidden Woof Warbler from Jaybiem. Another medium sized male good topline tailset OK not bad at the rear but again front movement not good nice rich tan good kind expression.
Res Hamilton's Bernemcourt Tempest.
VHC Stammers' Maidinmotram Josiah Fox.

OPEN DOG (9, 1)
1st Allan's Westmains Topogeejo. He is a very balanced chap a lot to like
about him lovely head shape good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders would like broader chest level topline smoothly rounded over rump moved out well would just like the whole dog to be bigger.
2nd Miles' Ch Jaybiem Utwo. This is my sort of dog always has been a favourite of mine but today not looking the part he is only two with some way to go before he is fully mature and the back end needs to catch up with the front end, also had a nasty sore eye, very free and balanced movement due to correct construction super bone.
3rd Embleton's Ir & Int Ch Bernemcourt Sirocco ShCM. Another male that I would like to be bigger and more masculine all through excellent on the move keeps a level topline and is very well balanced.
Res Scobie's Ch Torralbaz Dazzleon Days.
VHC King's Bernemcourt Tornado.

                                  Ann Gerrard handling the Dog CC winner, Bitch judge Jane Keeves,
                            Michelle Gurney handling the Bitch CC winner and Dog judge Anne Wells.

CLASS RESULTS: BITCHES - Judge Jane Keeves (Seveek)

1st Baldwin's Ch Fortonpark Sheilablige. Well balanced bitch with typical head and lovely expression. Strong flat skull with correct ear placement. Nice eyes. Good strong neck leading to well placed shoulders. Good front. Level topline with good strong loin. Well bent stifles. Good tail set. Moved out well with good stride.
2nd Boyd's Lujento Senza-Madonna. Another typy bitch with good head. Nicely put together. Good bone. In nice condition. Moved well.
3rd Baldwin's Fortonpark Sheilado
Res Allan's Ardentallen Ashley
VHC Wilson's Gelbbackler Vital Statistx

1st Hall's Monalou Apple Bakewell. Raw baby with sweet head, correct bite, eye and ear set. Balanced throughout with compact body. Good front, well laid shoulders and good rear angulation. In good coat and condition.
2nd Hamilton's Monalou Banoffie Pie. Litter sister to 1 with similar qualities. Preferred movement of 1.
3rd Allan's Westmains Little Miss Spice
Res Head's Clashaidy Stormy Dusk Over Millermead
VHC Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze She's A Maze Zing

1st Toms' Emberfay Moonglow. 10 ½ months old with good head for age. Nice dark brown eyes in tight fitting eyelids giving a very alert expression. Correct bite and nicely set on ears. Good markings with good dark tan. Body of correct proportions, good forechest, well angulated front and rear. Level topline held well on the move. Strong muscled hindquarters. Moved out well. Best Puppy.
2nd Jeffries Windlenell Quita. Very typy bitch with lovely head and expression. Good bone. Nice proportions and balance. Moved well.
3rd Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark One For The Boys
Res Green's Pasturegreen Bewitched
VHC Heslam's Athersbern Be Smart at Feorena

1st Grayling's Lujento Per Una. Nicely shaped with feminine head. Lovely dark eye. Good bite. Nice length of neck. Well laid shoulders and good rear. Good bone for size. Good topline. Sound temperament. Moved with ease.
2nd Edge's Monalou Dutch Affair. Quality well balanced bitch with good head proportion. Correct bite. Good neck andnicely proportioned body, overall well balanced. Good condition. Moved well.
3rd Brown's Emberfay Simply The Best of Delphinia
Res Jeffries' Windlenell Quita
VHC Grimes' Fortonpark Mol Flanders

1st Edge's Monalou Dutch Affair
2nd Sawyers' Floskirk Fantoosh. Good head, nice markings. Balanced with good bone. Good angulation fore and aft. Good mover.
3rd Cowe's Bryonygem Regal Day
Res Rossall's Fortonpark Molly Malone

1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Arriva La Diva. Well balanced cobby bitch with lovely head and expression. Nice medium length of neck. Good forechest and well set on front leading to good level topline which was held on the move. Good strong loins. Nicely angulated rear. Moved out well.
2nd Brown's Emberfay Simply The Best of Delphinia. Nice head. Good shape with well laid shoulders. Good rear angulation. Good front and depth of chest. Waiting for new coat. Moved and showed well.
3rd Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark One For The Boys
Res Head's Clashaidy Stormy Dusk Over Millermead
VHC Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze She's A Maze Zing

1st Sawyers' Floskirk Fantoosh
2nd Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze She's A Maze Zing. Balanced bitch with sweet head and expression. Good angulation front and rear. Good topline. Moved OK.
3rd Cowe's Bryonygem Regal Day
Res Rossall's Fortonpark Molly Malone

1st Instone's Tiggerific Lady In Red at Staubach. Good head and expression, lovely dark eye. Well set on ears, good bite. Balanced throughout with good front. Moved well.
2nd Allan's Westmains Princess Ra. Good head, neat ears. Good dark tan. Body of correct proportions
3rd Cowe's Bryonygem Regal Day

1st Granger's Monalou Peggy Sue at Shadybower. 10 month feminine bitch. Nice head with correct high set on ears. Nice dark eye, good dentition. Good front with well lai shoulders. Good rear angulation. Body of correct proportions. Coat not at its best but nothing to hide. Moved well.
2nd McAllister's Tiggerific Hunny Bee. Good head and expression. Nice length of neck. Balanced bitch with correct proportions. Good front & rear angulation. Moved well.
3rd Addison's Meadowpark Do It With Style
Res McAulay's Elnside Lovely And Amazing
VHC McCormick's Torralbaz Diamond Princess

1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Future's Magic. Excellent head with nice dark eye and good dentition. Good forechest, well boned, nice length of neck leading to good shoulder placement. Good topline held on the move. Good depth and length of rib. Good rear moved with drive. Well toned throughout.
2nd Atherton's Athersbern Affinity. Well balanced with good head and expression. Good forechest and shoulder placement. Level topline. Compact body with good depth of chest. Strong rear with good turn of stifle. Moved well.
3rd Cowe's Bryonygem Regal Day

1st Gurney's Monalou Little Miss Swiss. Excellent feminine head with good dentition. Dark eye with good fitting eyelids giving a lovely expression. Nice forechest. Well laid shoulder, good length of neck leading to level topline and good depth of chest. Nice short loin, firm rounded rump and good stifles. Moved out well. Good tone throughout. CC & BOB.
2nd Hellingsworth's Shirdees Fantasy at Carabaz.. Well proportioned with good head and dentition. Well angulated front and rear. Moved well.
3rd Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Tiga Lily
Res Sawyers' Floskirk Amour In Blue

OPEN BITCH (11, 9)
1st Granger's Bernfold Back To Ziggy at Shadybower. Good head and expression. Nice length of neck, lovely shoulders. Good front and depth of rib. Nice topline and strong hindquarters. Well proportioned all through. Moved with drive. Just a titch weak on front pasterns. Reserve CC.
2nd McAllister's Torralbaz First Foot. Feminine well balanced bitch with good head proportions and bite. Good angulation front and rear. Good depth of chest, topline and firm rump.




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