Kelso 2010 Working Cart Course

Judge - Glynis Sawyers

Thank you for inviting me to judge the working carts at your fun day at Kelso. A total of 17 Bernese took part in the three classes plus a Newfoundland, an Australian shepherd and a Great Swiss all of which worked nfc. A big thank you to all who took part, also to those who helped by stewarding during the day – Tom, Lynne, Lee and Julie who kept me straight with the paperwork and presentations at the end. We started early in the day so that we would not keep everyone hanging around at the end so thanks to those competitors who worked their dogs before the opening parade and to everyone else for keeping things moving during the day. Well done to those of you who passed, my apologies to those of you who didn’t which included my house guest for the week but she forgave me (begrudgingly) as she needed the bed, the food and the chauffeur for various outings during the following week !! If only some silly beggar hadn’t built a boundary wall you could have turned round in the road !!

1st Aileen Barnard with Jess 125 pts. Pass. 6 yr old Jess only started pulling a cart this year so very well done for a steady round.
2nd Lee Palmer with Dudley 123 pts. Pass
3rd Glen White with Gina 117 pts. Pass
4th Glen White with Lincoln 117 pts. Pass
5th Julie Ann Wright with Hudson 117 pts. Pass
6th Yvonne Boyd with Poppy 110 pts. Fail
7th Roddy Graham with Skye 109 pts. Fail

1st Tom Murray with Haggis 169 pts. Pass. Nice steady round from this experienced handler with a young dog
2nd Jean Hellingsworth with Ruby 168 pts. Pass

1st Bruce Hellingsworth with Remy 241 pts. Pass. Tied on total points and ease of control with second placed dog so I decided on points lost on what I consider to be the more difficult element of the course.
2nd Bruce Hellingsworth with Asti 241 pts. Pass
3rd Malcolm Dewick with Tio 236 pts. Pass
4th Wendy Murray with Flora 234 pts. Pass
5th Elaine Spalding with Cinders 230 pts. Pass
6th Tom Murray with Duggie 229 pts. Pass
7th Di Crawshaw with Bryn 226 pts. Pass
8th Margaret Bailey with Tilly 216 pts. Fail

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