Kelso 2011 Decorated Cart Classes



After all these years this is the first time ever that I have judged these carting classes. I now know why others have said how hard it is to place the exhibitors as the ingenuity and competitiveness of the handlers is very evident.

Having said that, I have found the Swiss theme carts slightly easier than the other two classes as you should have a clear objective of what you are looking for ie a traditional Swiss working cart that would have gone about its daily business.
Judge - Tom Murray


1st Bruce Hellingsworth with Asti.  A very traditional Swiss working cart with just the right amount of farm produce. A slight deviation from the traditional produce was the parachuting cow which swayed it for me. Bruce obviously put a lot of thought into that knowing my background!
2nd Lynn Boyd with Woody.  Another traditional cart and handler in traditional dress. Not over done and a very close second.
3rd Margaret Bailey with Tilly.  A painted blue cart decorated with blue, white and red flowers and complimented by the handler in nice traditional Swiss dress.
4th Debbie Morgan with Charlie and Clemmie.
5th Paul Chandler with Sophie.
6th Lena Chandler with Maja.
4th, 5th and 6th all of a nice Swiss standard and well done to everyone.


1st Horrible Histories - Helen Boyd with Teal. Very colourful theme if not a little gory guillotine scene. Couldn’t help but notice the head in the basket looked a little familiar! A lot of effort and time went into this well thought out display
2nd Sword and Stone - Lynn Boyd and Woody.  I couldn’t work out who the handler was at first but I soon worked out Merlin was Lynn with long flowing robes and a serious tripping hazard for her. Well done an excellent theme.
3rd Pirates of the Caribbean – Diane Crawshaw with Bryn and Murdoch.  No mistaking this one with Murdoch shouting across the ring! We still haven’t worked out who the skeleton was in the back of the cart, but we have suspicions. Another well thought out theme with lots of accessories not forgetting the Parrot.
4th Berni Bus - Andrew Murphy .  A near disqualification for double handling here and picking up passengers around the ring, entertaining none the less.


1st Bruce Hellingsworth with Asti and Ruby.
2nd Lyn Boyd with Woody.
Both carts very nicely turned out, clean and well polished considering the weather. A credit to the handlers. Very hard to decide but the deciding factor for first place was the bling on Bruce’s harnesses. You’ll have to get blinged up Lynn!


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