Kelso 2011 Working Cart Report


Judge - Lee Palmer 

Firstly can I thank the Chairman & Committee for inviting me to judge at Kelso 2011, this is the second time I have judged this event and is without a doubt my favourite venue.

I would also like to thank my wife Julie for stewarding for me and generally running around looking after me and the dogs and all those that helped put up and take down the carting course, your efforts are much appreciated.

To say the conditions were moist this year would be an understatement, it didn’t stop raining all day except for one brief period when one of our senior carters had his turn on the course; we all know he’s good but does he really have friends in higher places?

Despite the rain there was still a steady stream of participants all willing to give the carting course their best, some even surprised themselves.  Doing  much better than they could have hoped for, a few decided not to take part and I can understand  your reasons.  But remember you own BERNESE and they don’t care if they get wet, your skin is waterproof and your carts won’t come to any harm if they get wet.  Enough said I think.

The major sticking point for most dogs was believe it or not basic obedience, moving while at the halt and  not wanting to sit, stand or go down on command, but we do own BERNESE so what do we expect!!.

Another point I would like to bring up is that there is no time limit on the course, some of you sprinted round so fast I had trouble keeping up, I’ve only got short legs you know!

The one thing that has stuck in my mind is the way everyone enjoyed working their dogs, at times the conditions were hard , but there were no complaints.  Just wet happy faces, the carting groups motto ‘A WORKING BERNESE IS A HAPPY BERNESE’ is certainly true.

Thanks once again for everyone’s support

Here are the places for KELSO 2011

1st     Keith Brown & Hetty           126 PASS
2nd    Lena Chandler & Maja         122 PASS
3rd    Andrew Murphy & Benson   119 PASS
4th    Jenny Cowley & Benson       116 FAIL

1st    Julie Wright & Hudson         172 PASS
2nd   Debbie Morgan & Clemmie  170 PASS
3rd   Glen White & Gina                167 PASS
4th   Glen White & Lincon             165 PASS
5th   John Flippance & Molly         163 PASS

1st   Bruce Hollingsworth & Asti   248 PASS
2nd  Diane Crawshaw & Bryn        237 PASS
3rd  Tom Murray & Haggis           235 PASS  (E O C)
4th  Wendy Murray & Flora          235 PASS
5th  Tom Murray & Duggie           234 PASS

 The best working dog as judged by me went to Keith Brown with Hetty, these two just seemed to have fun all the time they were on the course a real pleasure to judge.


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