by Tom and Wendy Murray

The highlight of this year for anyone who is involved in Bernese Carting was the turnout of handlers with their dogs at the opening of the 2012 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland’s Championship Show & Fun Day weekend at the showground in Kelso on the Scottish Borders.


Carters came from all over the country to support the Club’s 25th Anniversary and what a fantastic event it was. They all came together under the Bernese Working Cart Group of Great Britain which includes group members from different carting groups such as the Midland Bernese Carters and Pennine Carters.


To wet everyone’s appetite for the big day, the Bernese carters got together on the Friday evening and did a torch lit parade. Imagine 30+ handlers, dogs with waggy tails, pulling their carts decorated with lights of all different colours to the rapturous applause of everyone. Swiss bells clanging, the rumbling of the carts in the hall; the atmosphere was electrifying. It certainly was a build up of things to come for the next day.


Early Saturday morning and Murray the resident Scottish Piper in full Highland Dress was ready and waiting for all the Carters to congregate ready for the big entrance into the ring before the start of the Champ show. This was something we had done for quite a few years now, open the Championship show, but this was going to be a 'parade of all parades'.


Dogs groomed and handlers dressed in traditional Swiss costumes we soon realised that we were going to beat an existing record of dogs and handlers held briefly by the Carting Group at the Bernese Club of Great Britain Ruby celebrations last year which was 37 carts.  Murray gave us the signal that everyone was waiting for and we paraded into the ring, led by Wee William Wallace with the chairman of the group in Kilt order in honour of the event.  To finish the parade the carts all lined up and then the piper led all the Carters in an advance to the spectators.


We were soon to realise that we had SMASHED our own record of carts, we had achieved 44 Carts at Kelso! This is not only a UK record, but probably a European or even a World Record. A fantastic achievement for all Bernese Carters and what an event to do it at with tremendous support from the Scottish Club Committee. There were lots of hankies and tears!


In appreciation, all dogs and handlers received a goody bag and brass plaque to commemorate the occasion and lots of applause from everyone who was privileged to see it. The day was ended with the now famous “BERNIE BASH” which included a hot and cold buffet and a good time was had by all, a great end to a great day!

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Bernese carting has really taken off now in Scotland with the introduction a few years ago of the working competition and the enticement of First Draft Training for dogs and handlers who had never carted before. The Bernese Working Cart Group regularly hold training weekends throughout the year under the supervision of experienced carters and give hands on advice to all novices.

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