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 Kelso Weekend 2013


KELSO 2013 WORKING CART RESULTS    Judge - Brian Boyd
The day started at 10am with a hot dry day in store. There was a long list of competitors which took 5 hours non-stop to get through. The competitors were in good form and the results were extremely close with the ease of control determining the placing of some competitors.  The results were as follows:

1st John Flippance with Susie
2nd Rebecca Dedman with Lottie
3rd Rebecca Dedman with Yogi
4th Jenny Cowley with Benson
5th Glynis Sawyer with Cleo

1st Tom Murray with Wallace
2nd Lee Palmer with Aiden
3rd Di Crawshaw with Murdoch
4th Yvonne Boyd with Poppy
5th Glynis Sawyer with Peggy

1st Bruce Hellingsworth with Asti
2nd Julie Wright with Hudson
3rd Pete Garrard with Cimo
4th Lee Palmer with Dudley
5th= Elaine Spalding with Cinders
5th= Jean Hellingsworth with Ruby

The Sue Toms Memorial Trophy was awarded to Rebecca Dedman and Yogi following his return to carting after his operation.


KELSO 2013 CARTING PARADE RESULTS     Judge - Jean Hellingsworth
I would like to thank George and Agnes for asking me to judge the carting parades. It was meant to be last year but the weather defeated us. Thanks to all the people who allowed me to judge their beautiful carts and for all the effort and imagination that they put into it.


1st   REG with TED.  This cart was beautifully decorated with flowers, even the wheels and shafts. A Swiss flag at the back made of flowers. Reg resplendent in Swiss costume,  holding a shaft with a model head atop, which was modelled on his dog.  So much effort was put into this display.
2nd  DAVE with REDFORD.  Gorgeous display of flowers. Redford  beautifully groomed with lovely harness. Dave in Swiss costume.
3rd  ELAINE with CINDERS.  Cart packed full of flowers, churns and Bernese toys. Elaine looking lovely in Swiss dress with a red rose in her hair.
4th  JENNY with BENSON.  Another cart looking lovely, full of flowers, Swiss cheeses and Bernese toys. Jenny in a very pretty Swiss dress.
5th   DEBBIE with CLEMMY.  A cart full of flowers and toy baby goats and Bernese. Swiss  flags flying.  Debbie in full Swiss dress.

A really fun class. We never stopped laughing.

1st  DEBBIE, JULIE with HAGGIS.  A beach theme, Cart full of beach items, towing a rubber dingy. Wendy in beach outfit sitting on a chair applying sun cream. All ably assisted by Julie.

2nd JULIE with HUDSON.  A very clever theme. A funeral for goodbye to the sun, remembering Kelso 2012. If you were there you will understand. Immaculate presentation.  Julie leading the funeral cart with dogs sporting funeral horses head gear.

3rd CARLIE and HONEY.  Little girl with dog and cart representing Teddy Bears Picnic. With parasols to shade from the sun.

4th JENNY with BENSON.  Sunshine and showers. With a bathing beauty lying in the cart with a big smile on her face.

5th MAUREEN and PHOEBE.  A mixture of all seasons and weather.  With a bottle of wine which seemed to follow Maureen around.

1st JULIE with a brace of HUDSON and REDFORD.  Both dogs beautifully groomed looking splendid in matching harness.  Julie in a lovely Swiss dress. All presenting a really lovely picture.  A very smart rig.
2nd  ROY with KAYLA.  A very smart rig again . With Roy looking splendid in Swiss costume.  Kayla well groomed in a lovely harness.
3rd ELAINE with CINDERS.  Shining cart with red wheels all very polished. Cinders looking lovely in her harness . Elaine in full Swiss Dress.
4th  CARLIE with HONEY.  A little girl who handled dog and cart very well. They all looked lovely.





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