Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland 

Kelso 2013 Companion Dog Show 

Judge - Mr Philip Murphy 

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COMPANION DOG SHOW - Judge Philip Murphy

I wish to thank the committee of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland for their kind invitation to judge the Companion Dog Show. I have also loved entering this show myself in past years, and found it a fun show!

I hope everyone who entered under me also found it great fun and thank you all for honouring me with your entries. Thanks to all for the way you all accepted my decisions with good sportsmanship.

My principal winners were picked mainly because of their great movement and temperament. Sorry I did not know most of your names and so had to go by your number.

1st BMD ( M. Scott)
Just loved this boy. Beautiful head, well balanced, dark eyes. Good bone, moved well.
2nd  No 10 Dachshund. Lovely puppy, moved very well.  Unperturbed among the large dogs. Lovely temperament.
3rd No 42 BMD puppy.  Dark eyes, lovely marking, good temperament.
4th No 52 BMD litter puppy to 3rd.  Just preferred 3rd, very similar.
5th No 35 BMD.  Very friendly, correct coat and markings, lovely expression. Moved OK, would have been placed higher but his tail was carried in a curl over the back.

Event 3 A.V. JUNIOR
1st No 21 BMD.
 Larger type, substantial Bernese.  Good bone, moved well, good markings.
2nd No 43.  Lovely substantial bitch with good bone.  Lovely head, dark eyes moved well.
3rd No 36 Boxer.   Very friendly, moved OK.
4th  No 44 BMD.   Good proportions, good angulation, lovely tail carriage.
5th No 75 BMD.  Lovely temperament.

1st No 80.
   Not hard to judge this class as this boy of medium size, correct markings, correct tail set great reach and rear angulation floated around the ring effortlessly. Also awarded him Reserve Best in Show. This was a difficult call as my Best in Show winner was also a wonderful mover.
2nd No 77.   Correct markings, correct bite good bone.
3rd No 7.   Correct markings , good shaped eyes, good bone.
4th No ?  Correct markings dark eyes movement ok
5th No 14.   As above

1st No 17 Golden Retriever.  From the minute this dog entered the ring he commanded my attention. So at one with his handler. I was not disappointed when I went over him. Correctly constructed and balanced. Good muscle of a very fit dog which was evident when he moved. Excellent temperament.
I was very pleased to award him Best in Show.
2nd No 53 Flat Coated Retriever.  Very typical, tail never stopped wagging. Nice head and nice movement.
3rd No 54 Vizla.  Lovely movement, lovely temperament.
4th No 45 Whippet.  Very friendly, moved OK.
5th Greyhound.  Also very friendly. Moved OK.

1st No 27 Boxer.  Very friendly, moved OK
2nd No 84.  Very friendly and moved well.
3rd  No 15 Akita.  Moved Ok
4th No 40 BMD. 
5th Rottweiler.  Lovely temperament, bit stiff on movement.

Event 8 A.V. WORKING
1st No 80 as in BMD Open.
2nd  No 27.  Very friendly
3rd No 16 Whippet. Moved well
4th No 4.
5th No 5 Boxer.
Another happy boxer from this owner

1st No 80.  As in BMD Open
2nd No 53 Flat Coated Retriever.   As in A.V Sporting
3rd No 46 Vizsla.  Moved well, very friendly, good temperament.
4th No 55 Whippet.  Nice body, moved well
5th No 25 Labrador.  Very friendly, giving his young handler a hard job in controlling him.

Event 10 A.V. VETERAN
Lovely to see all the Veterans in different breeds but my winner was
No 68 BMD (Marsdens).   A smaller Bernese but very compact and in correct proportions. Correct markings, she looked much younger than her years and in good condition. I must say I enjoyed Classes 13,14,15,16,17 and 18
Will I ever forget the Best 6 Legs ladies?
And the dogs with the Waggiest Tails?
Really these classes were so much fun!!!!
Judge - Philip Murphy                      


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