Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland 


Kelso 2013 Fun Day - Junior Handling 

Judge - Sally Murphy



My sincere thanks to the Bernese Mountain Club of Scotland for inviting me to judge the Junior Handling at the Fun Day Companion Dog Show, Kelso.

This is an event very close to my heart. It is such a pleasure watching the young children going through the ranks. 

I know in Ireland, it is very clear in the show rings who were previous junior handlers. Many adults could learn from these young handlers how to show their dogs.

I am very aware that that these young children entering Junior Handling classes must be handled sensitively as a “Judge” could make or break a Junior Handler. In saying that, this event was a Fun Day event and I tried to be sensitive to each child . Some of the children stood out in their handling.

One little boy with a very exuberant Labrador was determined to show him well.

The 'Green' girls Abbie and Chloe also had a hard time with their very naughty Bernese who was determined to have his own way and drag the children out of the ring; however the girls did their level best and must be commended.
The older of the two girls especially, when she settled, showed that she has potential and should do well in the future. The girls are very young and should be handled gently and be told how well they did and not dwell too much on why they didn’t get the top honours today because of the dog who robbed them of higher honours. The dog is large for such small girls and their time will come.

I hope I have encouraged all the children to be interested in their dogs and to go on in Junior Handling.
My top winners give me much pleasure in their handling of their dogs.

In particular my Best Junior Handler, Jack Embleton, who I have never seen do Junior Handling, or his sister, but they did so very well.  Jack is such a little boy who handled his dog so well and also was able to move it well. I hope with this win he and his sister will be encouraged and I hope to be able to see him and his sister with all the other Junior Handlers soon, going up the ranks.
Judge - Sally Murphy


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