Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland

Kelso Weekend 2014
Springwood Park, Kelso TD5 8LS

held on SUNDAY 3rd AUGUST 2014

Click  HERE  for photos of the Carts and Carting events 



Judge - Julie Ann Wright

All fellow carters will agree that the Scottish club hold 
the best event of the Bernese
calendar. So I was thrilled and honoured to be 
asked to judge the working cart course
this year.  Also I was lucky to have such a wonderful day 
with the weather.

A huge thank you to George, Agnes and their friendly, hard working committee for making
me feel so welcome.  Also a massive thank you to my very efficient 
steward, Julie,
who organised the order of all my entries, kept  my score sheets in order and helped me

immensely on my first judging appointment. First and foremost the dog must enjoy the
carting course, I was also looking for the handlers ability to 
maintain the dogs attention
throughout and most importantly to work as a team.  Thos efactoprs reflect in my scores


1st Jenny Cowley with Benson.

This was a superb and very controlled round, both dog and handler were relaxed and dog
on a nice loose lead enabling Jenny to achieve 
good handling skills, excellent teamwork. 
I will enjoy watching this team progress through the classes and higher levels.
2nd Rebecca Dedman with Bella.
Bella's first time on the carting course, handled well on the load, unload and halt, Bella
just needs a little more confidence to achieve 
a smoother result in the weaves.  Overall
a very good first attempt. I feel Bella will progress well given time.
3rd Mike Claridge with Bruno.
Bruno enjoyed his first attempt on the carting course after receiving his first draft, well
handled on the pond and bridge, handler just 
needs to keep his attention a bit more to
achieve better teamwork.  Overall a nice steady dog with good 

1st Rebecca Dedman with Yogi.

A very enjoyable round to judge, Yogi's forst attempt at intermediate, nice to see him on
a loose lead during this well controlled 
round.  Rebecca I feel could just go a little
slower to achieve more precision in their manoeuvres .
2nd Tim Williams with Lottie.
This team's strong point is how attentive Lottie is whilst listening to Tim's commands at
all times, most of their points were lost in 
ease of control and I would like Tim to trust
in Lottie a bit more and give her 
a looser lead.  Also Tim, make sure you approach
unload 1 from the correct side, left to right.  Overall a super round.
3rd Keith Brown with Marti.
A good round where both dog and handler enjoyed working as a team, most points were
lost in ease of control and handler needs to loosen lead 
a bit where possible.  Good effort.

1st Bruce Hellingsworth with Asti.

This team was an honour to judge, the dog and handler work exceptionally well together
with Bruce maintaining Asti's attention 
throughout.  A superbly controlled round
earning them the top score of the day and a well deserved first place.
2nd Wendy Murray with Wallace.
This was my favourite team of the day!  Wendy uses mainly hand and voice commands to
direct Wallace whilst maintaining his full attention throughout, a lovely loose lead at all
times.  A perfect team with 
great potential.  Just the teamwork I was looking for which
led me to award them my "JUDGES CHOICE" cup.  Well done.

3rd Pete Garrard with Cimo.
A team that work well together.  Cimo maintained full attention throughout and reacted
instantly to Pete's instructions.  
An enjoyable team to judge and a very good round.  Well


Judge - David Kirk


1st Margaret with Tillie and Lottie.
Margaret in a beautiful traditional Swiss dress, her brace of dogs well turned out. The
cart is 
lovely and bright sporting a theme of swiss colours, a single hoop of flowers and
two churns all in a very clean and well presented cart.  The detailing and artwork a
credit and a 
pleasure to judge,  Well done.
2nd Jean with Bear.
Jean dressed very smartly and Bear as always looking very smart himself!  A well
presented cart 
trimmed with a single hoop of flowers, a shiny churn, a wonderful basket
flowers and multiple Bernese!!  A credit to Jean and a very worthy 2nd place.
3rd Rebecca and Yogi.
A very clean, bright and fresh looking cart made it stand out and even more impressive
with the brace of dog and a bitch, well done.

4th Tom with Wallace.
5th Pete with Cimo.

1st HIGHLAND GAMES - Nigel Cowley with Benson.

Nigel put everything into this one, from the wig, kilt and caber, he looked wonderful,
however Benson's cart was the real attraction.  The bagpipes, whiskey and highland
booklets set in tartan were good but the showstopper for me was the mascot in
matching kilt.  The attention to detail on this entry was fantastic.  A real credit.  All
pulled along by a very well presented and 
well behaved Benson.  Well done and a
very well deserved 1st place.
2nd CANTON GAMES - Di with Murdoch.
Di and Murdoch always look fantastic every year in fancy dress, this one was no
Murdoch looked impressive in his fancy dress and so did Di whilst
supporting her flags.  A very detailed cart with every event on the canton games
covered and replicated in some form 
in the cart.  Nice one Di.
3rd TEAM SCOTLAND SWIMMING - Charlie with Honey.
4th THE WINNING PODIUM - Wendy with Wallace.



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