Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland
Kelso Weekend 2014

Obedience Classes
Springwood Park, Kelso TD5 8LS
Sunday 3rd August 2014 


Obedience Results
Judge - Bruce Hellingsworth
Steward - Elaine Spalding 

We would like to thank the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland for inviting us
to judge the Obedience classes at Kelso.

Elaine and I were kept busy and only had to contend with one downpour during the day.
We had 15 entries for the first class which shows that there are a lot of new handlers
and dogs coming into the discipline.  The first 5 of this class will now have to work
on the requirements for the 2nd class (Triers). For those who did not get placed in
class 1 they can try again just practice the heelwork, keep loose lead, tighten up the
turns and give plenty of encouragement.
Classes 2 and 3 only had small entries but the standard here was generally very good.
Here are the Results;

1st Megan with Sara.  Score: 46½ / 50
2nd Rebecca with Yogi.  Score: 45 / 50
3rd Helen with Madison.  Score: 44½ / 50
4th Rebecca with Duggie.  Score: 44 / 50
5th Megan with Tina.  Score: 43 / 50

1st Megan with Sara.  Score: 61½ / 70
2nd Megan with Tina.  Score: 59 / 70

Going not for competition and scoring 63 / 70 points was Kirsty with Gatsby

1st Kirsty with Gatsby.  Score: 89½ / 100
2nd Megan with Sara.  Score: 82½ / 100

The award for Best Obedience Dog went to Kirsty with Gatsby

Thank you all who took part, remember that Obedience can be fun as a working
discipline – enjoy your dogs and keep up the good work.


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