Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland
 Kelso Weekend 2014

Springwood Park, Kelso TD5 8LS
Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd August 2014

Kelso 2014 - What a fantastic weekends it was!
by George Wilson - Club Chairman

At 07.01am  on Thursday morning the first campers rolled into our
Kelso Camp and it then felt like “Let the Games Begin.”
The camp site filled up over the next two days with more units
than we have ever had.  All were presented with a complimentary
'Welcome Pack' of essentials, plus our spacious and well equipped venue
offers plenty of room to spread out and relax. 
The barbeques were well employed throughout the days,
and being serenaded by our resident piper everybody just chilled out. 
With games for the children there was a real holiday atmosphere.
Opening our show on Saturday was the piper ‘Murray’
(always immaculately dressed) leading the carters through the showground
and parading around the ring to a final assembly that is always
spectacular and emotional. 
My sincere thanks to all that donned national Swiss costume and had
their dogs and carts in splendid attire.
It was a wet morning and the judge chose to start the judging in our
indoor wet weather accommodation; a large ring with plenty of area for
spectators and their dogs to enjoy a clear view of all the proceedings.
The results, photos and critique can be viewed by
clicking on the Links on the left-hand Menu 
Saturday night was a humdinger of a night, again the busiest we have
ever enjoyed. We have already received super feedback regarding the
music, raffle, auction, buffet and Fancy Dress;
one gentleman arrived with his costume on and kept it on
all night - he must have lost a few ‘pounds’
in every sense of the word!  
The kids were great and had a ball, and the pain in my 'derriere' this
year again was Mr Go-Compare - I must admit he brought the house
down and me too a few times! 
This very special and most inventive of participants spends his year
thinking up his outfit for the next Kelso weekend, and I am
in awe of what he has already shared with us and eagerly
anticipate (or perhaps I should tremble with fear?) for what
he has in store for our amusement in future!  
The dancing went on  till midnight and we offer our grateful thanks 
to all those (half-cut or otherwise!) who helped clear up the hall.  
(They don’t have to, but we are very appreciative that they do).
Sunday was glorious day in every sense;  there was only one 5 minute
shower and the rest of the day was  warm, and at times even too warm. 
What a wonderful entry we had for the Companion Show
and the Fun Classes, some classes so full that the entrants
filled the full perimeter of  the ring. 

The Carting and Obedience rings were very well attended too and this year
we also had a fun Agility Course for both large and small dogs;
there was a chance to have a try for all shapes and
sizes and their accompanying humans
 Our Club Breed stall did brisk business, the tombola and raffles held
throughout the weekend were well supported and I must relay
my grateful thanks to everyone who donated items and
purchased  tickets etc.,
and also to all the committee and non-committee members who
gave up their time to help at this event,
and in doing so  make our Club so successful and this and
our other events so enjoyable. 
It is rather humbling and a testament that
The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland
REALLY is a Club doing it's best for ALL our members.

 p.s.  I read a statement on a social networking site prior to going to
Kelso.  It was totally inaccurate in it's prediction and should have
more properly and correctly stated that Kelso would  be

If you have any comments to add, or photos taken at the event
which you would like to share with us
then please email us 

We all enjoyed a wonderful and successful weekend,
just some of the feedback received.


From Lee Palmer

"To Agnes, George & all on the committee. 
Can you please pass on our thanks for such a great event
at Kelso this year, every time we go I think it  can’t get any
better but it does, I don’t know how you do it,
you all work so hard like a well oiled machine and I don’t mean with drink!!
You really should write a book on how to hold
a weekend event and pass it round some of the other clubs….
they could learn a lot from you guys.
The gift of a whisky glass and bottle to test was very welcome....
by 10 am it was tested and no leaks!!!
So once again you have put on a brilliant show, event & weekend. 
Thanks and I raise a glass to many more."


From Bruce and Jean Hellingsworth (the Carabaz gang)  

"We would like to say a big thank you to all the committee
of the Scottish club for putting on another special weekend at Kelso.
It is worth the long drive up from the south just to feel welcomed by George,
Agnes and others on arrival. The hard work put in by the committee in setting
up is evident from the outset as they have to cater for all weathers
(yes there was some rain, but not enough to spoil events). 
For us one of the highlights is setting up the dogs and their carts
ready to follow Murray and his bagpipes into the main ring
for the opening ceremony.  This must be a unique spectacle
and receives praise from the club and many of the other visitors.
We hope that there will be many more August weekends to come,
it has already gone onto our calendar for next year.

We may need a passport by then to come over the border, but try and stop us.
Once again a big thank you to all the hard working committee members
of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland."


From Janet Riseborough

"To George, Agnes & all of the committee,
Wow it looks as though once
again you have had a most magnificence show ever.
Well done to you all for the tremendous hard work that it takes to put on
a two day show like this.
I'm really sad that again I could not make it,but by hook or by crook
I'm determined to be there next year.
I'm quite envious of the tremendous organization & teamwork you all
have at the Scottish Club weekend, So congratulations once again
& my very best wishes."


From  Pauline, Graham, Carlie & Jack McAllister

"Hi George, Agnes and Committee 
Just wanted to say what a great weekend at Kelso yet again. 
Shame the rain arrived on Saturday for the show, but the weather over the rest of the weekend was great. We all had a really good time, kids had an absolute ball at the Bernie Bash. 
Carlie was well pleased at the Fun Day with her 1st Place in her Junior Handling class with Hunny and she loves taking Hunny in the ring with her cart, so was pleased with getting 3rd place in the decorated carts class. 
Was great too having resident children’s entertainment on the Thursday and Friday night with the kids games, was great to see a lot of the kids on site playing together and having great fun! 
Well done to all for the organisation and smooth running of the weekend. 
Looking forward to 2015 already but see you all at the Christmas Party before that!" 


Wendy & Tom Murray of the Bernese Working Cart Group of G.B

" Hi George and Agnes.
We hope you have recovered from I expect an exhausting weekend. We all made it back
safely and the dogs are all nicely knackered. Thank you for the lovely card and we will
let everyone know your appreciation although they don’t have to be told
they know already.  
Kelso 2014 Another Kelso has passed, and how quickly it flew by or is that
because we are getting older! We have been coming to Kelso now we think over
10 years (age again) and each year it just gets better and better, weather excluded
 we may add, but its just so damm good we don’t care what Mr Weather brings.
When you mention weather to the committee their reply is, “we cope whatever”,
which is the right attitude, after all we have working dogs! 
When we arrived on the showground we were greeted by friendly faces, a hug,
a thank you for coming and a goody bag which seems to get bigger and bigger.
Something new in the bag this year, knowing that the committee think of everything,
a brolly! 
Thursday is setup day and catch up on sleep from the overnight travelling,
so early nights for some of us and then on the Friday some of the carting group partake
in a Friday night take away which has now become part of the Kelso Weekend,
this year it was the turn of the ‘girls’ to go and order and collect,
wow a girlie trip into Kelso via Sainbury’s for a booze run as well.
"Lots of emotion ringside when the carting parade opened the Championship show
on the Saturday and it has to be said it wouldn’t be the same without Murray,
our Piper. He led the parade in full regalia (although I think Sunday’s attire
was the talk of the weekend), to lots of applause with carters dressed in Swiss
costumes. After the parade each and every handler was presented with a unique
glass engraved for the occasion, what a lovely gesture from the club. 
During the weekend we had a few people bring their dogs up for a go at carting
and one dog in particular which we all were talking about was ‘Shiloh’.
He had never carted before and he was eleven years old but you would think
he had carted all his life, what a weekend to give him his ‘First Draft’ Certificate.
His owners were so proud, what a choker! We also had a German Shepherd puppy
in a puppy harness pulling a plastic bottle and more Swissies having a go,
so pleasing to see other breeds giving it a try. 
The evening disco and dance was great fun, great food, great entertainment and
great prizes in the raffle and auction. It was great seeing a lot of the oldies up
and dancing and showing the youngsters how to have a good time,
we can’t remember walking back to the caravan and some of us definitely had
wobbly legs the next day. We were woken up on the Sunday to bright sunshine
and was another great day with lots of things going on for everyone to participate
in, fun dog classes and games, carting course competition etc.
We spoke to quite a few people who had never been to Kelso before and they
couldn’t quite believe the set up and the hospitality that was shown all through the
weekend by the committee. Our reply to them was come again next year as it just
gets better and better and also that this is the only Bernese event that you will see a
spectacular display of dogs pulling their carts opening a Bernese Show.
It truly is the BEST Bernese Event on the calendar that caters for everyone. 
Looking forward to next year already."


From   Diane Crawshaw

I am writing to say a huge thank you to Agnes and the Committee for such a wonderful event, everyone is so welcoming, the atmosphere of the show never fails to lift my spirits and it is an event I eagerly look forward to and is always booked on my calendar.
 'This year was no different I really enjoyed it'


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