Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland

Our Open Show
was held on Sunday 2nd March 2014
Cochrane Hall, Alva FK12 5LJ

Our judge was Mr Tan Negrecha (Chandlimore)

Best In Show -  McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen
Judge Tan Nagrecha with Club Secretary Agnes Wilson  
Reserve Best in Show - MacLeod's Torralbaz Lord Of The Isles

Best Dog - MacLeod's Torralbaz Lord Of The Isles
Judge Tan Naegrecha
Reserve Best Dog - Dickson's Monalou Dutch Connexion To Geruth

Best Bitch - McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen
Judge Tan Negrecha  
Reserve Best Bitch - Gerrard's Torralbaz Designer Princess
Best Veteran - MacGlashan & Fleming's Clanquaich Mayar


Thank you to Agnes and her team for a most enjoyable show and to all the sporting
exhibitors for taking my decisions so well. Such a well run show in beautiful surroundings. 

Veteran Dog  (1 entry, 1 absent)  

Minor Puppy Dog  (0)  

Puppy Dog  (0)  

Junior Dog  (2)  
1st Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern.  
Compact dog, very balanced outlook, good head planes, preferred his front and expression
than 2. Went well.
2nd Wilson's Deheubarth Rhodri Mawr At Gelbbackler.  
Well bodied youngster, too much stop detracts from expression.  Moving wide in front, but the floor didn’t help. 

Yearling |Dog  (3, 1)  
1st Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern.  
2nd  Dickson's Monalou Maserati At Geruth.
Very well boned dog, but topline needs to settle, rather long cast, adequate mover.   

Maiden Dog  (0)

Novice Dog  (1)  
1st Wilson's Deheubarth Rhodri Mawr At Gelbbackler.  

Graduate Dog  (1)  
1st Carty's Floskirk Berneray.  
Short coupled dog who needs to drop in body for balance, excellent shoulder and front
assembly, but needs to drop in his quarters, good coming and on the go around.

Post Graduate Dog  (7, 2)  
1st Newton & Hogg's Kumo Van't Maroyke (Imp Belgium).
Liked him, balanced dog and very good to go over, masculine head and a great topline,
moving out really well, could be slightly bigger all round.  
2nd Addison's Torralbaz Lord Of The Manor.
Good moving dog who is beautifully turned out, compact with a hard topline, would prefer
more strength in head and better angled front and rear.  
3rd  King's Elnside Going The Distance.  
Typical outlook stood, says bernese, would have been higher with a stronger topline and more extention in front. 
Res  Gall's Sanmarwell  A Tric In The Tail ShCM.  
VHC  Carty's Floskirk Berneray.  

Limit Dog  (7, 1)  
1st MacLeod's Torralbaz Lord Of The Isles.   BEST DOG.
Very balanced and correct dog, compact body but not too short, good head and so moderate through and through, very little not to like about this boy and the more I looked the more I appreciated his moderation.  Sound moving male, but could be tad tidier in front .  
2nd  Dickson's Monalou Dutch Connexion To Geruth.   RES BEST DOG.
Also liked this boy a lot, very sound moving with a tremendous easy side gait.  Very
smart and well put together, would prefer more tan on chest.  Topline needs to firm a little more.   
3rd MacDonald's Torralbaz Clan Chieftain.
Throws a lovely picture stood, most typical outlook with excellent balance, excellent eye,
not the stride of one and two. 
Res  Scott's Welshbern Travis Of Scobern ShCM.  
VHC  Addison's Elnside The Dark Knight.  

Open Dog  (2, 1)  
1st King's Elnside Wishmaster.  
Dog of nice type, good bone and so clean moving, very well conditioned, really liked his
head properties. 

Veteran Bitch  (2, 1)
1st MacGlashan & Fleming's Clanquaich Mayar.
9 years old and full of life so good to see, wagging her tail and enjoying her day out, active
mover and particularly good going away, touch leggy and could have a stronger head. 

Minor Puppy Bitch  (0)  

Puppy Bitch  (2, 2)  

Junior Bitch  (2, 1)  
1st Jeffries' Lara At Esslinbern (Imp Netherlands).   
Touch raw in maturity but so nicely made, needs to body up and drop a little, totally
balanced and so good on the move, good topline, has so much promise. 

Yearling Bitch  (2, 1)
1st Jeffries' Lara At Esslinbern (Imp Netherlands)  

Maiden Bitch  (1, 1)  

Novice Bitch  (0)  

Graduate Bitch  (2)  
1st Davidson's Meadowpark Whispers Shadow. 
Correct for shape and balance, nice head and proportions, scored in side gait, would
like a wider blaze on head to enhance expression . 
2nd Jeffries' Esslinbern Fenix Fire Lily.  
Longer cast than one and needs to settle in tail carriage, very active mover. 

Post Graduate Bitch  (5, 1)  
1st McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen.  BEST BITCH.  BEST IN SHOW.
Liked her a lot, so typical in outlook, good body and bone, expressive head, very
good eye and ear set,  sound moving, in profile,  pleased me greatly.    
2nd Davidson's Meadowpark Whispers Shadow.  
3rd Jeffries' Esslinbern Fenix Fire Lily.  
Res Hogg's Ischka Van't Maroyke To Buganeezee.  

Limit Bitch  (4, 1)  
1st McCormick's Torralbaz Diamond Princess.
Another with a balanced outlook, super topline and proportions, head could be stronger,
went well on the move, going and on the round.  
2nd  Blincow's Elnside Bright Future.
Immaculately presented,  most expressive head , draws a lovely picture stood,  not as well
made in front and rear and could not match the movement of 1. 
3rd Gerrard's Monalou Dutch By Design At Torralbaz.  
Well bodied bitch that gave a good account of herself. 

Open Bitch   (5, 3)  
1st Gerrard's Torralbaz Designer Princess.    RES BEST BITCH.
Good headed six year old bitch,  using her quarters to advantage, active mover, would like a firmer topline and cleaner front . 
2nd McCallum's Annies African Violet Avec Noralu.
Well bodied bitch who tended to pace,  rather too short coupled for my taste but a quality bitch . 



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