Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland 

Working & Decorated Cart Classes

at our Kelso Weekend 2015

Working Cart Course Report 2015
Judge: Bruce Hellingsworth   Steward: Elaine Spalding

I would like to thank the Scottish Bernese Club for inviting me to judge the working cart course. 
The course itself always provides a challenge for handlers and dogs; there were the usual tight
sequences and many distractions from around the ring.  This is no bad thing in America they 
have a number of deliberate distractions from the ring side which for part of the assessment
process.  There were some very good beginner dogs which is encouraging and I am sure that
they will progress further up the grading process in the future. Only one intermediate team 
competed and their result will take them through to the advanced level. The advanced level
provided a challenge for the working teams which provided a close finish in the final scores.
What was good to see was that all who completed their rounds at all levels passed with good
scores. If you are not sure about putting your dog in a cart see either Lee Palmer or Tom
Murray who will provide initial training and take you up to obtaining a First Draft Certificate.
We got our Australian Shepherd Rayna to carry out this assessment over the weekend and
she did pass. Do remember that the Bernese Mountain Dog is formally a draft dog and they
enjoy this working activity which helps keep them fit and provides an interesting challenge
for them.
Here are the results:

1. Tom Murray with Ramsay - 126/130
2. Richard Hallam with Chelsey -  123/130
3. Keith Brown with Zoe – 122/130
4. Ian Soame  with Alfie – 121/130
5. Christine Handley with Norman - 118/130
Pass: Christine Handley with Mia – 117/130

1. Jenny Cowley with Benson - 165/180

1. Wendy Murray with Wallace - 239/250
2. Keith Brown with Hetty - 235/250
3. Lee Palmer with Dudley - 233/250 (Ease of Control Placing)
4. Rebecca King with Yogi - 233/250
5. Diane Crawshaw with Murdoch - 228/250 (Ease of Control Placing)
Pass: Tim Williams with Lottie – 228/250

Bruce Hellingsworth


Decorated Cart Classes 2015

Judge - Susan Webster

Decorated Cart - Swiss Theme
1st  Jean Hellingsworth and Bear. Jean was dressed in authentic Swiss outfit giving the 
effect of a Swiss Mountain Trader.  The Cart was beautifully decorated and contained  
Bernese Mountain Dog puppies and alpine flowers. Bear was well groomed and performed 
with grace and elegance. Well done
2nd Reg Tomkins and Teddy. Reg immaculate as always, dressed as a Swiss Gentleman
complete with Bernese headed walking stick. The Cart was nicely decorated and contained
authentic items including a Swiss horn. Teddy worked well for Reg. Very nice
Best Carting Turnout Dog, Cart and Handler
The winner was Lynn Boyd and Madison.  
Madison was beautifully groomed with 
gleeming teeth he worked really well for Lynn. The Cart was immaculate with the brasses 
shining and the woodwork of the Cart was in perfect condition. Lynn was a picture in her 
Swiss dress really looked the part, as well as being totally in tune with Madison.




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