Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland

Our 23 class Open Show was held on
Sunday 8th February 2015
Cochrane Hall, Alva, FK12 5LJ

Judge - Lianne Marsden

Left to right - Best Dog - MacLeod's Torralbaz Lord of the Isles
Reserve Best Dog - Hogg & Newton's Kumo Van't Maroyke
Best Dog Puppy - Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer
Best Veteran Dog - Campbell's Fortonpark Secret Agent

Left to right - Best Bitch - Gerrard's Ch Torralbaz Designer Diamond
Reserve Best Bitch - McCormick's Torralbaz Diamond Princess
Best Bitch Puppy - Cumming's Clanquaich Some Are Time
Best Veteran Bitch - Gerrard's Ch Torralbaz Designer Diamond 

Left to right - Best in Show - Gerrard's Ch Torralbaz Designer Diamond
Reserve Best in Show - Macleod's Torralbaz Lord of the Isles
Best Puppy in Show - Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer
Best Veteran in Show - Gerrard's Torralbaz Designer Diamond

Best Puppy Dog - Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer
Best Puppy Bitch - Cumming's Clanquaich Some Are Time


Thank you to the Committee of The Bernese Mountain Dog Club Of Scotland for their invitation
and hospitality at this lovely show.  Thanks also must go to the exhibitors who accepted their placings
with good sportsmanship.  Every dog was lovely and clean and although a few were a bit nervous at
first, all overcame their nerves and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Hand on heart, I genuinely didn’t realise that the 2 veteran girls were sisters as they were so unalike
and I had no idea that the Best Bitch was actually the mother of the Best Dog – they certainly are a
credit to their owners and breeder.

Veteran Dog  (2 entered, 1 absent)

1st Campbell’s Fortonpark Secret Agent – 7 year old boy, who isn’t used to the show ring.   

Not looking his age, brilliant overall condition, happy boy who was well marked and well coated. 
Difficult to assess as he was pulling to outside the ring but his temperament was super.

Minor Puppy Dog  (0)  

Puppy Dog  (3, 1)

1st Hasting’s Bernemcourt Liv’n On A Prayer – Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show – WOW,
I want him!  Just under a year old, well schooled boy presented in gorgeous gleaming jacket, lovely
bone and size  with good markings. Head developing well with good ear set and nice tight almond
eye.  Tight feet and good tail set – really liked him – should have a good future. Pushed hard for Reserve.
2nd Bradley’s Elnside Final Analysis – very raw 10 month old having a nice day.  Well marked but
not quite the substance of 1 but lots to like.  Slightly long and a bit narrow behind.  Uses ears
well and has a lovely expression and kind eye.

Junior Dog  (2, 1)

1st Campbell's Fortonpark Rio De Janeiro  - 13 months, good bone with nicely developing head
although eyes a bit loose, correct ear placing.  Slightly narrow on the front but moved better when
settled – gave his handler a bit of a hard time but he seemed to enjoy himself.  
Yearling Dog  (0)

Maiden Dog  (1)

1st Bradley's Elnside Final Analysis

Novice Dog  (0)

Graduate Dog  (1)

1st Wilson's Deheubarth Rhodri Mawr At GelbacklerGelbackler – just gone 2 years. Darkly marked
boy with a lovely expression.  Good bone and a lovely head.  Well let down hocks, straight in stifle.
Slightly short in upper arm.  He tended to carry his tail up which spoiled his profile, but he has super drive from the back and could keep going all day.

Post Graduate Dog  (6, 3)

1st Hogg & Newton’s Kumo Van’t Maroyke – Reserve Best Dog.  Darkly marked boy nearly 4 so
starting to come into his prime.  Not the biggest of boys but lovely bone.  Up on his pasterns and well
let down hocks.  Deep chested with correct upper arm placement.  Well muscled, wearing a good
gleaming jacket, moved with purpose, correct tail carriage finishing a lovely picture. Lovely temperament.  Pushed hard by the puppy but won on maturity and movement.
2nd Dickson’s Monalou Maserati At Geruth – 3 year old boy who lost out to the maturity of 1.  Splitting hairs between these two but preferred the head on 1.  Eyes, ears correct, well marked with a lovely expression and very attentive to handler.  Moved with strong drive and showed a lovely profile. Needs to
fill his frame a tad more but his time will most definitely come.
3rd Carty’s Floskirk Berneray

Limit Dog  (8, 4)

1st MacLeod’s Torralbaz Lord Of The Isles – Best Dog, Reserve Best In Show, Best Opposite Sex.  Have always liked this boy and he did not disappoint today.  4 ½ year old all male in his prime.  Again
not the biggest of boys but he came today in a full gleaming, well marked coat & was by far the best
mover in his class.  He is solid hard muscle, with good topline and moved effortlessly with powerful drive
from behind, his reach is impressive, tail flowing, carried correctly – such a treat to watch him move. 
Ever so slightly short in loin but he has a deep chest and lovely bone, good ear placement and a kind
almond eye with a lovely expression Slightly understated as he doesn’t show himself off to his best but
there is no denying that he is a beautiful classic example of the breed.  Wonderful temperament and a
happy boy who was very attentive to handler.
2nd King’s Elnside Going The Distance – 3 year old boy, slightly smaller boy with good bone and an attractive head.  Well muscled and strong.  Lovely marked, almond eye with kind expression, good ear
placement.  He is slightly long in the body and tended to carry his tail a tad too high which spoiled his profile but he moved with purpose and drive and could do the job he was designed for.
3rd MacDonald’s Torralbaz Clan Chieftan
4th Carty’s Floskirk Berneray

Open Dog  (4, 3)

1st Dickson’s Ch Monalou Dutch Connexion To Geruth – very impressive 5 year old boy in mostly
gleaming condition.  Beautiful head with classic markings – it’s obvious why he has his title as he is lovely. 
All male.  He is well muscled, deep chested, firm topline and has lovely substance.  Moved with strength
and drive, glided round the ring   Kind eye and expression and presented superbly.  His only fault on the
day was his tail, which spoiled his overall picture but that will pass and I’m sure he will go on to win many
more top honours.  Thank you for bringing him.

Veteran Bitch  (3, 1)

1st Gerrard’s Ch Torralbaz Designer Diamond - Best Bitch, Best Veteran In Show &  Best In Show
8 year old very happy lady who moved like a girl half her age.  Presented in lovely shining coat, she has
good classic marking, slightly greying on her muzzle, which adds to her charms.  Good bone and still impressive muscle, strong legs and tight cat feet and her tail, correctly carried, never stopped wagging. 
Still has a tight eye and is very attentive.  She has a firm topline and moved with pure drive and strength, belying her years and she still has it!  Glided effortlessly and you just can’t take your eyes off her.  She is charm itself personified and I adore her.
2nd McCormick’s Torralbaz Diamond Princess – Reserve Best Bitch, sister to 1 but they are like chalk and cheese, but both are in fabulous condition.  She has many of her sister’s attributes but didn’t
sparkle as much as her sister today. Slightly longer cast and carrying a tad more weight she, like her sister moves well, with powerful drive.  Strong straight topline. Tail slightly short but it is correctly carried, eyes lovely almond shaped and her ear set is good. Gorgeous shiney coat and a happy girl - both girls are a
credit to their breeder and owners.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (1)

1st Cumming’s Clanquaich Some Are Time – Best Puppy Bitch. 7 months old very raw young
lady.  A bit overwrought but did settle.  Very leggy and has a curly coat.  Sweet nicely marked face with
a kind eye.  Once settled on the move she enjoyed herself immensely. A little sweetie.

Puppy Bitch  (2, 2)

Junior Bitch  (2)

1st Meadowpark Pure Breeze – Just over 12 months and what I would call a very honest looking girl who
I really liked a lot.  Very darkly marked, she left her dress at home but she is nicely proportioned with a kind eye.  Her head is developing as it should, she has tight feet, good stifles and pasterns.  Good hard muscle and firm topline.  Moved slightly close behind and a bit narrow in front and was proud of her tail today but I really like her and once she fills her frame I hope she has a bright future. Considered her for the Reserve
but maturity won on the day.
2nd Cumming’s Clanquaich I Do Declair – 14 month old young lady, who like 1, left her dress at home. 
A bit unsettled at first but she did come round.  Her head is starting to develop and she has a kind eye and expression. Nicely marked.  Needs to muscle up a bit to help with drive and topline.  Another who was proud of her tail!

Yearling Bitch  (0)

Maiden Bitch  (1)

1st Coulter’s Elnside Made Of Honor – nearly 3 years and developing nicely.  Not used to showing and gave handler a hard time!  Pretty, well marked girl.  Down on her pasterns which spoilt the overall picture.  Slightly long in loin.  Wonderful temperament – her tail never stopped wagging – lovely to see.

Novice Bitch  (1)
1st Davidson's Meadowpark Pure Breeze

Graduate Bitch  (1)

1st Jeffries Lara At Esslinbern (imp NLD) – 2 year old girl who is maturing as she should.  Head coming along nicely, good ear set but slightly round eye.  Well marked and in good coat.  Deep chested and well muscled girl who moved out with drive and purpose.

Post Graduate Bitch  (6)

1st Jeffries' Esslinbern Fenix Fire Lily – hardest class of the day – both girls very different but lots to admire in both.  Winner is a 3 year old bitch, coming along nicely.  Good head but a tad long muzzled,
good markings and lovely almond eyes.  Slightly longer cast and a bit wide at the front but a lovely looking happy girl who moved well around the ring.
2nd Hogg’s Ischka Van’t Maroyke To Buganeezee – 5 year old, smaller darker girl who has an expression to die for.  Lovely head, eye shape and very compact all round.  Not the size of 1 but clearly more
mature in movement.  Just preferred the overall balance of 1 but still a gorgeous girl.

Limit Bitch  (5)
1st Jeffries Esslinbern Fenix Fire Lily
2nd McCormick's Monalou Artic QueenMcCormick’s
 – nearly 4 years, I have always loved this girl. 
Beautiful lady with lovely kind head, classic markings and lovely jacket. She is a deep chested lady with
a good spring of ribs, lovely topline. Tail slightly short, she has tight feet.  Movement today let her down as
she was crabbing, maybe because of the size of the ring today – shame as she is lovely.

Open Bitch  (2, 2)

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