Kelso Weekend 2016  

Decorated and Working Cart Classes

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Judge's report by Peter Ratcliffe
I would like to thank Agnes,George and the committee for inviting me to judge the 
carting classes at this years show.  It has always been a very enjoyable event, and 
more recently, long weekend as we travel up on Friday and travel back on Monday, 
tired but very happy even when the show has suffered from the weather!

I felt very privileged to be asked to judge the carts and carters, and was very 
impressed with the wonderful efforts people made, it shows they love their carts and 
carting as much as they love their dogs. Happy carters and happy dogs with some
wonderful carts made for a very happy judging appointment and I would like to thank  
all those who took part and made the decision making both a pleasure and a challenging 
task trying to place entries in a fair order.
I trust you all had a good weekend, and were please/not too disappointed with my 
Thank you all.
 Decorated Carts - Swiss Theme
1st Jenny Cowley with Benson.
Well decorated traditional cart with a churn, cheeses 
and traditional flowers. 
2nd Christine Handley with Norman. featured a well painted churn and a fine array
of appropriate flags.
3rd David Kirk with Redford. Lovely floral arch and flower arrangement.
4th Lee Palmer and his veteran dog Dudley. A lovely arrangement of churns and
5th Jean Hellingsworth with Bear. Nice floral arch and arrangement.
Decorated Carts - Any Theme
1st Christine Handley with Norman.
Festival/touring campervan outfit led by a  
very colourful hippy Christine and surfer dude Norman in his beach shorts and
reversed baseball cap complete with blonde wig. ‘Peace and love man’
2nd Helen Boyd with Madison. Looking like they had just arrived from China with
beautiful parasol and lanterns arrangement on the cart and a floral arch guarded
by a dragon, and Helen in a beautiful traditional dress.
3rd Ian Soame and Alfie. Kitted out for a traditional holiday, Alfie was pulling his 
beach shorts and baseball cap wearing favourite toy (a large plush bernese) 
complementing Ian’s baseball cap and rolled up jeans featuring elegant Union flag 
socks!! Happy Days.
Best Carting Turnout - Dog, Cart And Handler
1st  Julie Wright with Redford.
Very elegant light finished cart, with good detailed 
traditional costume on Julie, and good, strong, well presented dog.
2nd Bruce Hellingsworth with Tolly. Similar cart to 1st, slightly darker, with smart 
outfit on Bruce and Tolly looking nice and neat.
3rd Christine Handley with Norman. Nice traditional cart, good costume on Christine 
and lovely dog who has had a busy day
4th Ian Soame with Alfie. Lovely traditional very old cart, Ian's outfit missed a bit of 
finishing, but Alfie was very well presented.
5th  Lynne Boyd with Madison. A nice outfit all round with a shallow cart.

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