Kelso Weekend 2016  

Companion Dog Show

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Judges report by Jan Ratcliffe
Firstly I would like to thank Agnes and the committee for the invitation to judge the 
Companion classes at this fantastically well run weekend event. I can honestly say 
this is one of my favourite shows of the year, it was an honour to be invited to judge 
here and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Secondly I would like to thank my steward 
John, who kept the ring running smoothly and of course to thank everyone who 
entered their dogs in often huge classes and took part in such good spirit - I wished 
I had more places per class but remember you all took the best dog home!
AV Puppy.
1st Christine and Lola (BMD).
Just 6 months old and very composed for one so 
young. Moved beautifully and very well handled, pushed hard for BPIS and is 
definitely one to watch.
2nd Wendy and Hamish (Border Terrier) 8 months old.
3rd Jane and Rafi (sorry haven’t got a note of breed) 6 moths old.
4th Amy and Joy (BMD) 14 weeks old.
5th Gosia and Gonzo (Rottweiler) 21 weeks old.
AV Junior
1st Angela and Feargal
(Flat Coated Retriever) 13 months old, very eye catching 
dog in excellent condition. Just powered round the ring and so at one with his handler.  
Well deserved RBIS.
2nd Guy and Chester (BMD) 10 months old.
3rd Jane and Ellie (Japanese Shiba Inu) 13 months old.
4th Wendy and Porage (St Bernard) 14 months old.
5th Susan and Harper (BMD) 15 months old.
BMD Special Yearling
1st David and Bond
22 months old, not the biggest boy but plenty to like. Shown in 
excellent condition, positive on the move and well marked.
2nd Susan and Harper 15 months.
3rd Tony and Molly 19 months.
4th Rebecca and Luna 21 months.
5th Rocky - sorry didn’t get handler's name before they left the ring.
BMD Open
1st Lianne and Tango
2½ years old, very feminine bitch with gorgeous head and 
expression. Lovely coat and condition and so well balanced on the move she did not 
put a foot wrong and thoroughly deserved her BIS.
2nd Susan and Milo 5 years old.
3rd Jamie and Happy 15 months old.
4th Jenny and Benson 6¾ years old.
5th Elsie and Jethro 22 months old.
AV Sporting
1st Angela and Feargal
(Flat Coated Retriever) as AV Junior.
2nd Wendy and Strider (Lurcher) 8years and 9 months old.
3rd Juan and Snack (Border Terrier) 7 months old.
4th Linda and Lily (Springer Spaniel) rescue dog approximately 8 or 9 years old. 
5th Heather and Cola (Labrador Retriever) 17 months old.
AV Non Sporting
1st Emily and Fame
(BMD) Another baby just 6 months old but very different in 
type to 1st in AV Puppy. Happy, confident puppy who has such a sweet expression. 
She moved with purpose and should have a bright future, a very close decision but 
pleased to award her BPIS.
2nd Jane and Jacob (Japanese Shiba Inu) 14 months old.
3rd Jean and Rayna (Australian Shepherd Dog) 2 years old.
4th Stevie and Heath (German Shepherd Dog) 2 years old.
5th Charlotte and Roxy (Dalmation) 8 years old.
AV Working
1st Jenny and Benson
(BMD) 6¾ years old. Handsome lad, moved well for his handler 
and shown in lovely condition.
2nd Elsie and Jethro (BMD) 22 months.
3rd Sharon and Disney (BMD) 3 years old.
4th Holly and Hiccup (BMD) 6 months old.
5th Graham and Odin (Newfoundland) 2½ years old.
AV Open
1st Jane and Poppy
(Japanese Shiba Inu) 4 years old. Very smart little dog, sturdy 
and energetic I loved her enthusiasm on the move.
2nd Charlotte and Roxy (Dalmation) 8 years old.
3rd Stevie and Jared (German Shepherd Dog) 6½ years old.
4th Holly and Hiccup (BMD) 6 months old.
5th Jackie and Inca (German Shepherd Dog) 3½ years old.
AV Veteran
I would like to congratulate all the owners who entered this class it was wonderful to 
see so many fit and happy veterans enjoying their day out, you were all winners today. 
1st Wendy and Strider (Lurcher) 8 years and 9 months old but hard to believe as he 
is in the most amazing condition, extremely fit and ultra sound he just floated round 
the ring. Very pleased to award him BVIS.
2nd Glynis and Peggy (BMD) 7 years old.
3rd Jean and Dixie (Australian Shepherd Dog) 12 years old.
4th Carol and Jet (BMD) 9½ years old.
5th Megan and Sara (German Shepherd Dog) 8 years old.
Child Handling 6-11 years
1st Ben and Happy
aged 11. Did a very good job or standing and moving his dog, 
a very calm handler with a sympathetic manner. Well done on winning Best Junior 
2nd Georgia and Ellie.
3rd Karlie and Honey.
4th Jake and Bella.
5th Isla and Cola.

Child Handling 12-16 years
1st Sadie and Elsa
aged 12. Also handled in a clam and sympathetic manner, moved 
her dog accurately but just lost out in the challenge as her dog became unsettled and 
fidgety, still a very good effort.
2nd Jamie and Happy.
3rd Portia and Alfie.
4th Jessica and Wardle.
5th Juan and Snack.

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