Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland

Our Open Show was held on Sunday 7th February 2016

at Cochrane Hall, Alva FK12 5LJ

Judge - John Cook (Bernroam)

Best Dog Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer
Reserve Best Dog Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern SHCM
Best Dog Puppy King's Elnside The Grandmaster

Best Bitch McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen
Reserve Best Bitch Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion
Best Bitch Puppy McCormick's Monalou Star Princess

Best Dog Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer
Best Bitch Monalou Artic Queen

Best in Show Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer
Reserve Best in Show Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern SHCM
Best Opposite Sex Monalou Artic Queen
Best Puppy in Show King's Elnside The Grandmaster
Reserve Best Puppy in Show McCormick's Monalou Star Princess


I very much enjoyed my day judging The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland's Open
Show at Alva. I must commend most of the exhibitors as all dogs were incredibly well 
turned out and I had some very nice examples of the breed.  Overall I was pleased with
temperaments, size and substance. I thank everyone for their support.

Thanks must also go to my very able and efficient steward, John McNulty.

Veteran Dog  (1 entered, 1 absent)

Minor Puppy Dog  (4)

1st King's Elnside The Grandmaster.
Good size for 8 months, lovely head with a kind expression.  Level top line and well constructed
throughout. Nice on the move. Shown in lovely condition.  Showed much potential and was 
pleased to award him
Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Scobie's Monalou Northern Knight.
Another very nice, promising puppy with a pleasing expression.  level top line and deep chest -
just lost out on movement today.

3rd Heslam's Monalou Ferguson.
Res Brabender's Elnside Maze Runner.

Puppy Dog  (2, 1)

1st Heslam's Monalou Ferguson.
Nice puppy of good proportions. Should improve with more ring work.

Junior Dog  (1, 1)

Yearling Dog  (1)

1st Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer.
Strong, sturdy , masculine dog with a kind expression. Well boned with good depth of chest, 
level top line and well constructed throughout.  Moved with drive. Shown in lovely condition.
Was pleased to award him Best Dog and Best in Show

Maiden Dog  (2)
1st King's Elnside The Grandmaster (see photo Puppy Dog class)
2nd Brabender's Elnside Maze Runner.
An 8 month old dog with a kind expression and level top line.  He moved out well. Should
improve with work.

Novice Dog (0)

Graduate Dog (0)

Post Graduate Dog (0)

Limit Dog (10, 4)

1st Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern SHCM.
Well-built dog with excellent bone and good depth of chest. Strong head with tight eye and kind 
expression. Good on the move when settled. Was pleased to award him 
Reserve Best in Show.
2nd MacDonald's Torralbaz Clan Chieftain.
Nice dark faced dog with a lovely expression. Good depth of chest and rib with excellent bone.
Very close contest for first place.

3rd Addison's Torralbaz Lord Of the Manor.
Res Macleod'sTorralbaz Lord Of The Isles.
VHC Wilson's Dehaubarth Rhoddri Mawr At Gelbackler.

Open Dog (1)

1st Scott's Welshbern Trafys At Scobern SHCM.
Stood alone. Strong head  with rich tan and kind expression. Level top line. Moved well when

Above - Unbeaten Dogs in the challenge.

Veteran Bitch (3, 3)

Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 2)

1st Prentice's Monalou Skyes The Limit.
Nice young girl with sweet expression. Moved well for her age.

Puppy Bitch (1)

1st McCormick's Monalou Star Princess.
Happy confident little lady who is nicely made, totally balanced and so good on the move. 
Good top line and conformation. One to watch for the future. Was pleased to award her 
Best Puppy Bitch.

Junior Bitch (1, 1)

Yearling Bitch (2, 1)

1st Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion.
Lovely little bitch with a level top line and correct angulation and depth of chest.  Good 
conditioned coat and displayed a kind expression. She moved out well.  Was pleased to
award her
Reserve Best Bitch.

Maiden Bitch (2, 1)

1st Cumming's Clanquaich I Do Declair.
Stood Alone.  Happy confident lady who was well handled. Nice mover, lovely coat but lacks

Novice Bitch (2, 1)
1st Cumming's Clanquaich I Do Declair (see photo Maiden Bitch class).

Graduate Bitch (2)

1st Davidson's Meadowpark Pure Breeze.
A lovely, substantial bitch with a kind expression who was a worthy winner of this class.  Good 
angles front and rear, level top line and good depth of chest. Well turned out.  She moved with

2nd Cumming's Clanquaich I Do Declair.

Post Graduate Bitch (1)
1st Davidson's Meadowpark Pure Breeze (see photo Graduate Bitch class).

Limit Bitch (1)

1st Davidson's Meadowpark Whispers Shadow.
Nice bitch with a pleasing expression. Lovely coat and well turned out. Moved with good reach
of stride but was close on rear.

Open Bitch (2, 1)

1st McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen.
Beautiful bitch with dark face & eye.  Good depth of body throughout, with correct angulation.
Well positioned shoulders leading to good extension on the move.  This, coupled with drive
from the rear, made a lovely picture.  Well ribbed, with firm top line.  Excellent bone. Shown 
in fine condition & well handled.  Was pleased to award her B
est Bitch.

Above - Unbeaten Bitches in the challenge.



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