Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland


 Championship Show

at Springwood Park, Kelso TD5 8LS

on Saturday 4th August 2018



Dogs - Mrs Julie Wakeland (Bramikdel)

Bitches - Mrs Anne Gerrard (Torralbaz)

Referee - Mr George Wilson (Ursine)



* Best in Show *

King's Elnside The Grandmaster ShCM


* Reserve Best in Show *

Atherton's Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush


* Best Puppy in Show *

Baldwin's Fortonpark Classic Design


* Best Veteran in Show *

McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen



Dog CC - King's Elnside The Grandmaster ShCM

Reserve Dog CC - Baldwin's Ch Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (Imp)

Best Puppy Dog - Cockburn's Kernow Rock Legend

Best Veteran Dog - Hogg's Kuno Van't Maroyke


Bitch CC - Atherton's Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush

Reserve Bitch CC - Baldwin's Fortonpark Lilly's Delight

Best Puppy Bitch - Baldwin's Fortonpark Classic Design

Best Veteran Bitch - McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen


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DOG CLASSES RESULTS - Judge Julie Wakeland

My thanks to the committee for their help and support and for the chance to judge at this prestigious show. I'm grateful to my excellent steward John, who kept proceedings running so smoothly. Finally, thank you to all the exhibitors who entered and took my decisions so sportingly.

All temperaments were good on the day, despite the heat. Dentition was, in the main correct, just one questionable bite in the lower classes, which may improve with maturity. Dogs were clean and well presented and it was good to see evidence of a return to size without compromising movement.



Veteran Dog (6 entries, 0 absentees)
What a fabulous class – lovely to see so many veterans in such good condition.
1st Hogg and Newton’s Kuno Vant Maroyke (Imp Bel)
Very handsome dog of seven and a quarter years, classic narrow markings with flat skull, dark eye and kind expression. Plenty of bone with good rear angulation, slightly long in body. He moved with drive and purpose each time of asking, despite the heat. A credit to his owner.
2nd Addison’s Torralbaz Lord of the Manor.
Another wonderful veteran of seven years and ten months, who acquitted himself well on the move. Presented in good condition, with a level topline and well-rounded rump. Good angles in forequarters, just not so well-defined at rear.
3rd Wright and Kirk’s Materabern Good Friday
Well-made dog of seven and a quarter years with evidence of good muscle tone throughout. Shown in super condition, just lost out on movement today.



Minor Puppy Dog (4, 1)
1st Cockburn’s Kernow Rock Legend
Happy, confident puppy, alert and interested in his surroundings. Head shape progressing well for seven and a half months, strong muzzle, well-defined stop and dark eye. Good amount of bone throughout and growing in proportion so far. Once settled into his stride he covered the ground well. Reserve BPIS.
2nd Allan’s Westmains Cool and Calm
At just six months, he has a super temperament and lives up to his name, showing beautifully for his owner. He has enough bone for his age, with straight forelegs and a level topline. Turned rear toes out going away but plenty of time for this to improve.
3rd McCallum’s Noralu Little Rabbie Blake
A super boy with bags of personality. At just over six months, he also has enough bone for his age. Lacks a little stop at present but this will improve with maturity. Front movement good - ran wide at rear today.



Puppy Dog  (1)

1st McCallum's Noralu Little Rabbie Blake



Junior Dog (6, 1)
1st Dickson’s Monalou Raffael At Geruth
A male of good size and substance, maturing well. Strong head with flat skull, nice dark eye, flews a little loose but should improve with age. Plenty of bone, with strong, straight legs and good depth of chest. Behaviour a little skittish today but settled into a balanced gait. Best mover in class.
2nd Reynolds and Pawlyszyn’s You’re Good But I’m Better Bernovega (Imp)
Medium sized male, alert and attentive to his owner. Attractive headpiece with correct ear placement, a little light in eye. Well boned for age – would prefer more bend of stifle. Movement needs to flow more, but he has time on his side. Well-schooled and handled.
3rd Wilson’s Blumental Jack Jones
Immature youngster who needs time to settle. He has adequate bone for his age and a good level topline. Movement a little uncoordinated and ran close behind today, however he has time to tighten all through.



Yearling Dog (1, 0)
1st Roberts and Seaman’s Esslinbern Saruman

Happy young man enjoying his day out. Slightly heavy in head at present, although muzzle and skull in correct proportions. Bite acceptable. Nice rich tan throughout. Movement today was erratic but he is still young.



Maiden Dog  (1)

1st Roberts & Seaman's Esslinbern Saruman



Novice Dog (2, 0)
1st Jefferson’s Shirdees Fast N Furious

Medium sized male, a little long in muzzle and body. Good front assembly with straight legs and nice tight feet. Level topline and good tail placement. He has a tendency to pace on the move but handler is aware and corrected him.
2nd Roberts and Seaman’s Esslinbern Saruman



Graduate Dog (4, 1)
1st Wright and Kirk’s Arvella Mark of Respect for Roesilbern
Handsome dog of size and substance. Lovely bone throughout. Masculine headpiece with dark almond shaped eye and correct ear set. Strong neck leading to good lay of shoulder, straight topline and smoothly rounded rump. Tail set correct. Well muscled, enabling him to drive round the ring with purpose. Flies tail on the move but this would not prevent him doing the job he was bred for. Well handled.
2nd Smith’s Piper Van’t Stokerybos (Imp Bel)
Another good sized dog with plenty of bone. Flat skull, dark eye and rich dark tan in evidence. Slightly wide in chest, but well ribbed with strong loins. Good rear angulation led to lovely flowing movement around the ring.
3rd Addison’s Monalou Bollinger
A shorter coupled dog with good rear angulation. Head is narrower but still presents a masculine picture. Good fill and depth of chest. Movement generally ok but ran a little close behind today.



Post Graduate Dog (5, 4)
1st King and Brambles Shirdees Lethal Weapon

This dog has personality written all over him. Super head with flat skull, correct dark eye and ear placement and well defined stop. A strong neck leads to well-muscled shoulders and straight front legs. He is a little long in body but topline is straight and kept level when settled on the move. Angulation is good throughout. He had a tendency to pace, but once corrected by his handler settled into a good stride and moved with good rear drive. Well-handled, especially as he has a mind of his own.



Mid Limit Dog (6, 3)
1st Hastings Bernemcourt Liv’n On A Prayer
Striking dog, shown in lovely condition. Well defined stop, correct dark eye, ears brought forward and used to advantage as he is very attentive to his handler. Good fill and depth of chest, strong neck and correct shoulder placement. Level topline which he kept on the move. Good rear conformation led to purposeful movement around the ring. Well handled and a credit to his owner.
2nd Walton’s Enchambray Waterloo
Good sized male, classic markings with a rich deep tan. Strong, straight muzzle and correct dentition. Plenty of bone and a good depth of chest, reaching down to elbow. Good musculature throughout. Topline is level on the stand, although disguised by a profusion of coat! Movement ok today, just ran a little close behind.
3rd Grimes’ Stormberne Let It Snow
A large male with an impressive amount of bone. Strong head with a well-defined stop. Well ribbed with good depth of body. He was unsettled and affected by the heat today which resulted in him pacing, despite his handlers’ best efforts.



Limit Dog (7, 1)
1st King’s Elnside The Grandmaster ShCM
This is an understated dog of quality. He is a substantial male with excellent bone and confirmation – he presents a pleasing outline. Head is definitely masculine, broad flat skull, well defined stop and strong straight muzzle. Good fill and depth of chest, which is in proportion to length of leg. Long, sloping shoulders, level topline with strong loins. Smoothly rounded rump leads to well angled hind quarters. He is a stunning mover – he has a balanced rhythmic gait, reaching out well in front and driving effortlessly from behind. A pleasure to watch and a credit to his handler. So pleased to award him DCC and in conjunction with fellow judges, Best in Show. Congratulations!
2nd Baldwin’s Meadowpark First Class for Fortonpark JW
Another good example of the breed, beautifully presented in lovely coat. Slightly heavier in head than winner, good width of skull and dark eye. Plenty of bone and excellent depth in body. Good reach of neck and breadth of back. A well balanced dog with correct rear angulation. Presents a lovely outline and is attentive to his handler. Moved with purpose covering the ground well.
3rd Atkinson and Reynolds Meadowpark Secret Blend
A little less bone than winners but none the less a lovely cobby dog, appealing in outline. Attractive markings to head, dark eye and correct ear placement – ears used well when alert. Straight back leading to rounded rump with correct tail set. Handled very well - moved with drive around the ring.



Open Dog (7, 4)
1st Baldwin’s Ch Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (Imp)
Super dog typifying the breed standard. Lovely to see a dog of size and substance in correct proportions. Masculine, with attractive headpiece, good breadth of skull, dark rich tan. Strong bone, straight legs with well let down pasterns. Back broad and level leading to powerful hind quarters. Well-let down stifle, which is more evident when free standing. Pushed hard for CC - moved well in the heat today but just felt rear drive wasn’t as free as CC winner. Res CC.
2nd Baldwin’s Ch Tjofselinas Z Daimuz At Fortonpark JW (Imp Swe)
Upstanding shorter-coupled dog with lovely outline. Lighter in bone than winner but powerful and strongly built – could certainly do the job he was bred for. Striking head and expression, ears used to advantage when alert. Well-developed musculature, good depth of body and well–ribbed. Rear angulation well-defined. Moved well, occasionally a little wide at front but he may have responded to uneven ground.
3rd Scott’s Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM
Another pleasing dog, well put together and shown in good condition. Finer in muzzle, good shaped head with dark eye and correct stop. Good depth of chest, straight legs and well-angulated all round. Movement a little sluggish today, not helped by the heat.



Many thanks to the BMD Club of Scotland for their kind invitation to judge, it was an honour to give out my first Ccs on home soil.
I would also like to thank my steward John McNulty for his excellent organisation in the ring and to all the exhibitors for their support and providing me with such a quality entry of well presented dogs. Temperaments overall were good and in the more senior classes quality was excellent.



Veteran Bitch  (12)

What treat this class was with so many lovely girls to choose from.

1st McCormick’s Monalou Artic Queen
7 year old bitch of excellent type. Lovely head with gentle expression. Medium size with good bone and good reach of neck. Excellent depth of body and correct tail set. Moved well. (Best Veteran in Show)
2nd Bailey & Williams' –Carabaz Rubinas Sky at Timarabai
7 year old bitch of good type, medium size not as much bone as 1st. Good forechest and well angulated rear with correct tail set. Moved well.
3rd Toms’ - Emberfay Moonglow
9 Year old bitch good size medium bone. Pretty head with gentle expression. Moved well.



Minor Puppy Bitch  (4, 1)

1st Allan’s – Westmains Krazily Kayotic
6 ½ month bitch lovely head with gentle expression. Medium size and bone with good proportions moved well
2nd Pawlyszyn’s – Matera Bright Diamond
6 ½ month bitch with lovely head, above medium size, good bone, good reach of neck and level topline moved well
3rd Bowers' – Monalou Ooh La La
7 months but very much the baby. Pretty head, gentle expression. Lighter in bone but good proportions moved ok



Puppy Bitch  (1)

1st Baldwin's – Fortonpark Classic Design
9 month old very pretty feminine bitch. Medium size with adequate bone, lovely shape with good depth of body. Moved well. (Best Puppy in Show)



Junior Bitch  (11, 4)

1st Reynolds' – Beaucroft Moon Light Over Etterbern
Lovely head with gentle expression. Medium size and bone, good reach of neck and depth of body with well rounded rump. Moved and handled well.
2nd Tomkin's Kinelarty Free as a Bird for Bernershaw
Another pretty bitch of medium size and bone. Good forechest, very happy girl, moved ok.
3rd Marsden & Robertson's – Tickbern Valencea Avec Vellbern
Taller bitch of medium bone, longer proportions and was a little unsettled today on the move .



Yearling Bitch  (4, 3)

1st Barton’s - Bernervalley Gilmore Girl
13 month old bitch with strong head, above medium size with good reach of neck needs time to fill out. Excellent temperament, moved ok.



Maiden Bitch  (4)

1st McPherson’s -Doodles Painted Lady
2 year old bitch with good head and feminine expression. Medium size and bone, good depth of body. Moved ok
2nd Tickbern Valencea Avec Vellbern
3rd Monalou Ooh LaLa



Novice Bitch  (6, 1)

1st Baldwin's – Fortonpark Sez I’m Classy
Lovely bitch of good type and excellent bone with good depth of body. Very nice outline with well rounded rump and correct tail set. Moved well
2nd McPherson's – Doodles Painted Lady
3rd Handley's – Jesterbrock Alpine Joy at Enchambray
Taller bitch than 1 & 2. Good head, would prefer darker eye. Good reach of neck and depth of body moved ok



Graduate Bitch  (4)

1st Atherton's – Arvella Penny Lane
Very attractive medium sized bitch with enough bone. Good reach of neck and rounded rear, moved well.
2nd Calder's – Bernjovi Bed of Roses
4 year old bitch of medium size and bone would have preferred a little more rear angulation. Longer in proportions than 1st. Moved okay
3rd Tomkins' – Kinelarty Ellen Ray of Light for Bernershaw
2 1/2 year old bitch. Medium bone, good reach of neck, good rear angulation. Left her coat at home today. Moved ok.



Post Graduate Bitch  (6, 1)

1st King and Bramble's – Shirdees Miss Congeniality
Lovely bitch of medium size and bone. Nice head with good reach of neck. Good rear angulation and correct tail set. Moved well
2nd Baldwin’s – Fortonpark Designer Record
Another lovely bitch with attractive head. Good width of chest, good rear angulation. Moved well
3rd McCormick’s Monalou Star Princess
Pretty bitch with gentle expression. Medium size and bone. Good depth of body and rounded rear. Moved well.



Mid Limit Bitch  (7, 3)

1st Miles' – Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW
Beautiful shaped bitch of medium bone. Good reach of neck and level topline. Moved well. Close decision between this girl and the Limit bitch for RCC.
2nd Reynold’s - Matera’s Spin That Record for Etterbern
Another shapely bitch of good proportions. Lovely reach of neck and good rear angulation. Moved well
3rd Davidson's – Meadowpark Pure Breeze
Lovely bitch with good depth of body and good rear angulation. Moved well. Would have just preferred a little stronger in head.



Limit Bitch  (9)

1st Baldwin’s – Fortonpark Lilly’s Delight
Lovely bitch, good broad skull with feminine expression. Good reach of neck and depth of body. Lovely rounded rear. Moved well. Happy to award her Reserve CC.
2nd Pawlyszyn’s – Materas Record Label
Another lovely bitch of good proportions. Lovely reach of neck and good rear angulation. Level topline, moved well
3rd Wilson's - Monalou Maid in Russia at Blumental
Lovely bitch of good type, beautiful head, good bone and depth of body. Just carrying a little extra weight. Moved ok



Open Bitch  (11)

1st Atherton’s - Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush
Beautiful quality bitch with the most feminine expression. Super proportions with excellent front and rear angulation. Moved well. Very attentive of her handler, her ring presence makes her stand out from the rest. Delighted to award her Bitch CC and she went on the take Best Opposite Sex.
2nd Baldwin’s – Ch Fortonpark Dutch Delight
Another bitch of good type and good proportions with lovely rounded rear. A little heavy today but still moved well.
3rd Miles’ – Jaybiem My My My
Lovely bitch of good proportions. Strong but feminine head. Would prefer a little more rear angulation compared to 1 and 2 but moved well. Out of coat today.





















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